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1. It is hard for me to orient in this site, as i don't speak German - What should i do for having complete English interface or when could it become possible? If i do not react here, it is because of the interface, sorry.try me (as anonymous if u like) on alex11.wikidot.com

2. i want to propose a new/additional tactic for alex11, namely using tent mainly for symbolizing or creating some effects, but only in the frame including the following tactic: Instead of fighting to occupy a central places (like in alex), planting our presence there, something like every day in a form of one person and in constant hours (let's say) 4 hours between 16.00-20.00.
2.1. This tactic is for making us more mobile while gathering more people with us, for becoming bigger and more effective for more static action, while making us available but while minimizing fraction and reducing spending of energy and making our face nicer. This still makes us and our actions be associated with a location (such as alex) and as such it still makes it essayer for us to build effective campaign on it, such as short statement put everywhere in ubhan etc: "meet us in alex between 1600 and 2000!". This already makes our identity to become as of watter… more sophistic for achieving the target of "people, in their homes or some public places, making their assemblies in their ways on the subjects they put with their pain…. more sophistic for putting "it" to be not "only our fight for tents" but as "their fight too". One of the things beyond pain which could be put in such peoples' assemblies is "putting their deposits, at one calling day, in the banks they own as peer owners ( see 3).
2.2 If and when you would like this idea and want to help in it, here are some question to answer: how to organize it? by calendar, where (alex11 wiki or here) it should include only and name place per each day? if so, should it be public or privet between us etc and should a week a head more or less be registered, also, should it (the 4 h) be possibility cut between some participants? what you think about it?

3. The theory of comcomism for peer owners: ( the expression "comcom" stands for COMmon COMpany and is sound like come come, so that it could be used like "come come babe comcom, let's comcomize it more more and more… :)"
3.1. i heard that the manual (on http://is-with.wikidot.com ) is hard to understand , so we make workshop/assemblies/interviews (http://is-with.wikidot.com/workshop-request ). It can be camera/documented or not for making it clearer also for the others, (see also question prepare your question here and also on https://www.facebook.com/peer.owners?sk=app_2373072738 ). all that is for making new books or material that will be produced for other to understand it better. another issue is the high rent, again instead of looking only for political solutions we can have commercial ones too, for more see the idea of peer owners home (on http://comcomist.wikidot.com/peer-owners-home-in-berlin ). Last thing, if you believe that people "are not ready yet, but in 2 months will be ready for such thing, than now is the time to prepare it.

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