100 billion euro project

100 billion euros is what some of the very rich people in Germany estimate as the worth of only 5% of their income, the 5% which they are "so kindly" willing to give as an extra tax to the German government.

So let's ask what if they would make it 2 times bigger by adding another 5% ,just now as donation and than ask what should be paid by the additional 100 bilions euro?

so lets list here items to be paid and then calculate by professionals and by that make the groups related to the items be involved in the real-democracy.

here i would like to give one example and i am asking you to add yours.

there are old people in berlin of which conditions are worsen, some of which would say they would not "talk about it", because anyhow it would not help, so let's film document it and involve them and ask what it cost for helping them.

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